Hands-Free Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology lets two devices communicate wirelessly with each other. It’s most commonly seen in the form of hands-free ear pieces for cell phones and in wireless speaker systems. 

Integrated Head Units

Another option for your car is to install a new car stereo that includes several of the latest features such as Carplay, Android Auto, Bluetooth streaming, navigation, Satellite radio & even Siri control.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming

Another awesome benefit of integrating your mobile devices into your vehicle is audio streaming. That’s right, you get the ability to stream your personal media collection or popular apps such as Pandora, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and more! you can even stream from multiple devices in the vehicle. Say goodbye to bulky CD carriers and changers.

Even if voice control is not your preferred method, if your vehicle has them we can use your factory controls on the steering wheel and integrate them so you can control your media right from your steering wheel.